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A new set of Black emojis just landed and it’s already causing quite the debate.

While they may not show up next to your current emojis on your keyboard, there’s an app you can download that will allow you to have a variety of emojis — some controversial; some just plain fun. WeMoijs has launched the keyboard app after the wildly popular WeMoji Lite, which featured culturally diverse emoticons.

From familiar emoticons to hand signs and hygiene items, WeMojis brings together a comprehensive set of carefully curated images that are not currently represented.

“We are elated to finally introduce this culturally relevant set of emoticons to the world. We spent nearly two years developing a product that accurately reflects a multitude of experiences users could relate to. While others have chased the concept of ‘diverse emoji’s’ we took our time to create a universal model that encompasses not only faces but cultural nuances as well,” said CEO and Co-Founder, Trey Brown.

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But some critics of the set said they were nothing but reinforcing of negative stereotypes. In fact, there are three different versions of an emoji whose eyes are bloodshot. (We’re assuming he’s high, mostly because there’s also smoke coming out of his mouth). While we’re excited there’s emojis that look more like us that we can use, we’re not sure how to feel about that.

Director of Marketing and Co-Founder Donovan Brown noted, “Building this application required very intense research and development along with a long-term commitment to creating the most user friendly experience possible. We focused on building technology people would want to use every day. As already demonstrated by the success of WeMojis Lite, WeMojis is a brand that has vast potential for growth and expansion into other sectors. There are many different ethnic groups and subcultures that have their own unique ‘languages’ – our goal is to translate those languages into digital communication using images.”

The full mobile application is available in the Apple App Store now. The IOS version of WeMojis Lite which can be used to post to Instagram and Twitter is still available for download. The Android version will be available in the coming weeks.

Will you be getting them?

Follow these simple download instructions for WeMojis Keyboard:

Download. Go to general settings. Click Add Keyboard. Allow full access.

Download Link here: http://appst.re/us/4y-z5.i


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