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There’s no denying Ne-Yo‘s electrifying stage presence. After his stellar showing at InterludesLIVE, the celebrities in attendance had nothing but glorious things to say about his performance. From his unmatched songwriting abilities and appreciation of women, Ne-Yo is the truth.

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“I love that he still honors women. And we can still dance to his music. And make love to his music. And still feel uplifted and precious. And royal. So I just love him for that,” Adrienne Joi-Johnson, actress and fitness trainer said.

Fellow R&B crooner Kenny Lattimore added his praises, “See I love how Ne-Yo takes love and breaks a woman down…even with an independent woman, he’s got to say [and he sings] ‘And she’s got her own thing! That’s why I love her! Miss Independent!’ You know that kind of thing. You gotta break them down brother! Use a Ne-Yo to break them down!”

During the interview, Ne-Yo revealed why he connects to women so well and is able to write of their experience in love and life (he co-write Beyonce’s hit “Irreplaceable”, among other great girl empowerment tracks):

“A grew up in a house of with eight women ’til I was toughly about eighteen, that was the case. So if nothing else, it taught me the strength of a woman and maybe that’s why people feel I can write for women so well. I always tell people it’s never so much about writing from the mindset of a woman but in writing from a place where you’re not afraid of emotion.”

Watch the video above to see Ne-Yo perform his new romantic song “Religious”, a gem off of his latest album Non-Fiction (did you get your copy yet?)

Tune in to the full InterludesLIVE show on Saturday, March 28 at 10pm/9c on TV One!


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