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The team at OPA rallied together to help a former gladiator, while Olivia attempted to get her life back on track on this week’s episode of Scandal.

Abby found herself in a bad situation all because of her bae, Leo. The fixer obtained a copy of a tell-all book written by a former lover, which outlined her sexual exploits with high-ranking D.C. officials, which included Leo aka the “Dust Buster”. Abby approached Olivia to help her out of the jam, and Ms. Pope was hesitant to help her at first. Abby played on Olivia’s emotions and managed to get her on the case.

Olivia dropped by Leo’s ex, Sue (Lena Dunham) place where she attempted to scare her out having the book published. While the young lady was in awe of Ms. Pope and her reputation, she scoffed at her request to cease and desist. Sue soon deduced OPA’s head gladiator was retained by someone huge listed in her book, and wasn’t about to back off.

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Later, Sue came by OPA’s office and informed Liv she’ll pump the breaks on the book being published if she gets $3 million. Olivia, Huck, and Quinn hunted down all 17 of the men listed inside the book, after they got creepy Charlie to go on a faux date with Sue. Huck swiped the book in order to uncover all of the men’s’ identities.

OPA got the shock of their lives when they discovered none other than David “I follow the rules” Rosen, was inside the sizzling book. Apparently, when David worked as a substitute teacher, he and Sue hooked up as a way for him to get over Abby.

When all of Sue’s conquests appeared at OPA, Liv made the deal for them to pony up $175,000 each in order to get Sue to keep quiet. All appeared to agree to the terms, but David declined to be a part of such an act, especially since it was illegal and all.

While Liv and the crew tried to figure out their next plan of attack, they realized Sue didn’t want money, but payback against her former boss who sexually harassed and assaulted her. Sue’s ex-EPA employer discovered she was a freak in the sheets and wanted in on the action, but she turned him down. When she spoke up about his attack against her, she was fired and blackballed from working in her field again. A fired up Olivia decided to get justice for Sue by slapping him with a lawsuit. Liv even threw in a new job for Sue, and everything seemed to be coming up roses for the young lady.

At the White House, Fitz and Jake reverted back to their old relationship of keeping tabs on Olivia. Fitz seemed genuinely concerned about his ladylove’s mental status after the ordeal she faced.  As the two commiserated over Olivia’s well-being, Abby informed Cyrus of Leo’s pending firestorm and was prepared to resign, but Cyrus wouldn’t dream of it. Why is Abby fearful her job would be in jeopardy? Abby pointed out to Leo, even though she was a powerful political player, people still link her to David and Leo. She stressed she’d be thought of that way, even if she had nothing to do with the book.

Cy approached Liv with the $3million CASH to get the manuscript, but she soon learned Cyrus wasn’t about saving Abby. Liv realized her mentor just wanted dirt against his enemies to protect the White House. A disgusted Liv turned him down and checked him for his dirty deed.

When Huck and Quinn went to Sue’s to check on her, they discovered her being held at knifepoint by her ex-lover who was desperate for the book to stay buried. Huck ran the man off, and Quinn (and us) wondered why the ex-spy would allow him to scurry off. When Huck returned, he brutally slashed Sue’s throat with the quickness! Huck told a horrified Quinn, Sue’s book would’ve prevented David from being U.S. Attorney General. Therefore, he wouldn’t get immunity and be able to return to his family.

Meanwhile, Mellie started her quest to become president by going after the vacant Senate seat new VP Susan Ross left. A newly humbled Lizzie wanted to help Mellie achieve her goals, since Cyrus never missed an opportunity to make her jump through hoops for her attempts at trying to pull a coup against Fitz.

Across town, after reading Sue’s book, a newly liberated Olivia took a trip to a bar to find a guy for a one-night stand. Liv accomplished her mission when she met Russell (Brian J. White). Things between the two soured when Olivia started to have flashbacks of being kidnapped. Liv bolted for the door and headed home, but met up with Russell the following night. This time, she brought him back to her place for sex and red wine. What will Fitz and Jake think about this latest development?


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