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After a highly addictive season of “Empire,” Black Twitter had everything to say about the explosive season finale!

There was only one thing for Black Twitter to focus on tonight, and that was “Empire.” One user drove the point home in less than 140 characters. It wa so serious that some users even had to put their parents on the back burner for this one!

Tried to call my mother to tell her I loved her she hung up immediately once #Empire came back

Clearly this also applied to celebrities on Twitter –whether they were part of the cast or not.

Not wanting to be left out of the loop, New York Magazine tweeted the ultimate toy for every Cookie Lyon fan.

The season finale started out with a bang as the Hakeem told his daddy Lucious to his face in front of a crowd of people that he was coming for the Empire. Lucious didn’t lose his cool. He did, however, knock his son out. And even though FOX knew what was coming, the network tweeted what we were all thinking.

That was just the beginning of all the twists Lee Daniels and his team supplied for the two-hour “Empire” season finale. It was almost too much to take!

True to form, Lucious continued to get more despicable as he schemed and plotted his way through the finale. And the characters on the show weren’t the only ones hoping for his demise.

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Of course, we all knew deep down that there was no way Lee could kill off the character of Lucious. The Lyons probably weren’t thrilled about him surviving, and Black Twitter definitely picked up on that.

You’re not dying? I’m so happy for you #Empire

— JAG (@JasmeanMachine) March 19, 2015

The Lyons might have been mad about Lucious living, but Black Twitter still found plenty to cackle about amidst all of the delicious drama.

When it comes to Lucious, everyone on this show is like… @thewayoftheid #Empire #EmpireFOX

— hellresidentNY(@hellresidentNY) March 19, 2015

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There was even a little shade for Creflo Dollar in the mix…and we lived for that.

Centric didn’t want you grieving too long, though, and the network slipped in a reminder that “Single Ladies” was returning right after “Empire” faded to black.

Something tells us that many of FOX’s viewers might have missed that memo because they were too busy trying to figure out how they’ll pass the time until “Empire” returns next year. That’s right: 2016! How are we supposed to survive that long without Cookie and Jamal?!


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