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The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity of the University of Oklahoma was permanently shut down Monday after the backlash of a video featuring SAE White frat brothers singing a hurtful and racist chant. However, just because the frat is closed doesn’t mean the members caught on video won’t have to take responsibility. Today, two of the students, identified from the viral clip, have been expelled as undergrads.

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Their names are not yet known to the general public, but UO President David Boren has vocalized his embarrassment and disappointment over the uncouth situation. Prior to announcing the expulsion on Twitter, he also issued a scathing letter in response to any UO associate and student who has ever participated in perpetuating hate speech or crimes. According to CNN, the expelled students have until midnight tonight to pack their belongings and be on their way.

Boren and the UO administration have shown impressive and immediate denouncement of the racist video and Black students of the school have spearheaded protests and marches against the fraternity. Boren confirmed more students would be disciplined in the coming days once they are officially identified.

We’re happy to see that UO, as a school and public system are standing against discrimination. But we’re beginning to wonder how many more incidents like these will have to occur for people to understand that exhibiting or joining in on racism is not worth losing your job or tainting your reputation over. What’s makes you want to be that person in the first place?


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