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Here’s a not so well-kept secret— meal prep can be the best time efficiency tool for on-the-go mothers. While some busy moms may roll their eyes at the suggestion that they even have time to ‘meal prep’—the savviest busy moms understand that spending a few hours of time cooking on Sunday can free up an entire week’s worth of kitchen hours.

Don’t believe us? Take the test! Try out these three delicious recipes on Sunday and kiss your kitchen goodbye!

1. Bold Firehouse Sausage Creole Macaroni

This delicious one-pot meal delivers on flavor and heartiness; your family will love the Creole flavors.

2. Turkey and Broccoli Cheeseburger Macaroni

Try adding turkey and broccoli to your favorite double cheeseburger one pot meal!

3. Turkey Creole Lasagna

Try this spicy twist on a great traditional one pot meal.



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