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Singer Charmayne Maxwell, best known from the 1990s girl group Brownstone has passed away at 46. Charmayne (pictured far right) died on Friday night in Los Angeles after her husband discovered her bleeding on the floor from a cut to her neck. TMZ is reporting Charmayne came home after she attended her son’s soccer’s game and was at home alone with him.  Charmayne’s husband, music producer Carsten Soulshock arrived to their home at 9 PM and discovered her bleeding and unconscious body on the floor. Charmayne still had a pulse when Soulshock called 911 and had her rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital by paramedics.

Charmayne died on her way to the hospital after she lost too much blood. The Los Angeles Police Department arrived to Charmayne’s home and found a broken wine glass that cut her neck. TMZ is reporting it appears Charmayne fell and cut her neck on the glass and the police do not suspect foul play.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Charmayne’s loved ones.