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Ya know…we’ve mostly been here for Kanye West…we even defended him when he robbed Beck of his Grammy moment, but we must admit, he’s making us tired. We just have to be honest. Between bashing Amber Rose and his rants about the fashion industry, we’re like bruh! Don’t get us wrong, we love Ye’ and what he stands for — creativity and Black excellence but after listening to his most recent interview, we have to ask ourselves, what the hell is he talking about?

Ye’s promoting his upcoming album and caught up with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe where he talked fluidly for about 45 minutes about topics including shopping at French flea markets and a Corbusier lamps made of cement that inspired him. Because according to Ye’ “the world can only be saved through design… art is to be free, design is to fix.”

Finally, after 18 minutes, Rob mentioned the music. Ah, the music. Yeezy said he’s having “fun” working “hard” on his forthcoming album. He also crowned Drake the “hottest rapper in the game” and that “he’s delivering a level of product to humanity that is high quality.”

Well, touche.

During the interview, Ye had a moment of vulnerability when talking about the passing of Professor Louise Wilson, who was the director of the Central Saint Martins MA fashion degree.

They took a short break and came back to Ye’ spitting some more hot fire. “I didn’t come here to be liked; I came here to make a difference,” he said. And for those of us who criticized him for being so contradictory to himself, he says “People say I’m hypocritical. Yes, I am. I’m 100% a hypocrite. I am a human being.”

Human? No not you Kanye…

Press play if you dare to listen:


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