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Quick and easy 30 minutes meals are perfect for moms who are short on time but still want a delicious home cooked dinner. They’re also great for inexperienced cooks (like me) who want to use their basic cooking skills. Lucky for you I’ve got the answer for that dinnertime crunch.

Imagine delicious dinners that taste like old-fashioned suppers even on the busiest days. Your family will totally think you’re practicing to be the next Iron Chef with these recipes. I guarantee that there will be no more super late dinners, no empty after-school bellies and most importantly, there will be enough food left over that you’ll save at least 30 minutes the next day packing lunch or making after school snacks. How’s that for supermom?

Here’s five solutions for the “What should I make for dinner?” question.

1. One Pot BBQ Cheesburger Pasta

Try this delicious meat-lovers meal with a barbecue twist! Not only will it serve a large family, but it will be a favorite with everyone.

2. Corn and Green Bean Beef Stroganoff

Canned Corn and frozen green beans add some great color, flavor, and veggie love to this one pot meal.

3. Sweet Potato Beef Pasta

Adding sweet potatoes gives delicious color and flavor to this favorite, easy-to-make one pot meal.

4. Turkey and Broccoli Cheeseburger macaroni

Try adding turkey and broccoli to your favorite double cheeseburger one pot meal.

5. Turkey Creole Lasagne

Try this spicy twist on a great traditional one pot meal.