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Since 1979 Creative Nail Design (CND) have positioned themselves as a global leader in professional nail care, and are dedicated to research, development, education and customer support. In fact, “CND was the first nail company to join Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week back in 1996”, Cora Rood, from RPRMC, publicist for CND shared with us.

Inspired by Libertine designer Johnston Hartig’s most recent trip to India, Hartig envisioned an Indian Goddess coming up from the bottom of the sea, bringing remnants of the ocean floor up with her in her hands. Sunken treasure, chains and even shark teeth provide the nail art concept for his Fall Winter 2015 Libertine runway show.

“Libertine understands that nails are the exclamation point on fashion,” CND Co-founder, Jan Arnold tells us exclusively. ”He doesn’t believe they will take away from his designs.”

Twenty-four sets of nails were created for the 22 models, each nail was handmade in the CND lab. Art Director, Heather Davis shared with us that these nails were built using liquid and powder and include a black nail color base, touched with embossing powder to make it appear like black velvet. Then each set of nails were decorated with gold foil strips, over 600 feet of gold chain, with varying lengths of gold per set. Some have 18-inches dripping from them, while on others the gold is looped. 2000 gold paillettes in varying sizes were all hand placed and then sealed with shellac, which looks like fish scales, plus 110 individually carved shark teeth and Swarovski crystals. The finished look reminds us of fine jewelry lying in a jewelry box.

It took 490 hours of labor to complete these nails and if you wanted a set of your own, it would cost you around $500. Now that’s what we call one jaw dropping manicure!

Check out the runway pictures from the Libertine show.

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