Who We Want To Win…

Unfortunately we’re predicting an Iggy Azalea sweep at this year’s ceremony which means there will be plenty of think pieces in the morning. However, a gal can only hope her favorite artist and songs take home a prize.

We’re absolutely rooting for Beyonce to win “Album Of The Year.” Come on, who else deserves it more? In case you missed it (we’re sure you didn’t) Bey broke the Internet when she dropped “Beyonce” in the middle of the night, without any promotion or notice. The disc featured 14 new songs and videos. Within three days “Beyonce” was downloaded 828,773 times, breaking iTunes record.

We hope Sam Smith touches gold for his beautiful ballad “Stay With Me” that is nominated for “Song Of The Year.” Smith was quoted saying, he’d give his Grammy to Beyonce because she deserves it. Not so fast Sam. Bey has like a bagillion Grammys, we suggest thanking her for being such an inspiration then basking in your moment.

Nicki Minaj has some stiff competition in the “Best Rap Song” category but we think she may have an edge up against the boys *wink wink*. We’re hoping the Barb takes home the award for “Anaconda.” It was definitely one of our favorite twerk anthems this year.

While they both deserve to win, we think our boy Breezy will beat out Jhene Aiko for “Best Urban Contemporary Album.”

Catch the Grammys tonight Feb. 8 on CBS at 8 p.m!

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