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Chris Brown and Tyga have released a very colorful and braggadocios video for their new single, “Ayo” from their collaboration album Fan Of A Fan (out Feb. 24). Imagine if you were rich enough to afford a golden toilet, a pool filled with money just floating and sinking at the same time and a luxury sports car to drive your beautiful model girlfriend up and down these streets…that’s what it would be like to be in Breezy and Tyga’s video. These two literally threw money around for us to gawk at in “Ayo.”

This dream team’s sense of humor comes out throughout the entire video, but towards the end, as they’re speeding down the highway in luxury, officer Mike Epps spots them and gets excited that it’s Chris Brown and “Tigger,” then he proceeds to joke about them being in community service. While the lyrics will make your eyes roll, the video is exciting and fun. Check it out.

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