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Funnygal Sherri Shepherd dropped a bombshell today while appearing as a guest co-host on The Real: She almost dated Katt Williams! During a segment on the talk show, Sherri recalled a bad date which happened to be with the controversial comedian. Now when did this occur? It seems Sherri’s near romance with Williams happened after her first marriage ended.  Sherri recalled being invited to go golfing with Williams as their date and would be scooped up by him via a private plane, since she resided in New York at the time. Kat really was impressing Sherri wasn’t he? As time went by, Sherri realized the date wasn’t going to take place and got highly hot at Williams (girl I don’t blame you!) and wanted revenge.

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Sherri recalled:

This was just a date. He asked me to go out, and if I wanted to go golfing. I don’t golf, so I go out and bought a whole set of clubs, I bought the little sun visor, I bought a special golf wig. I bought the shoes…everything. I was sitting there because I still live in New York, and so I sat there and I waited. I sat there all day and waited, and waited, and I called my girlfriend, I called Niecy Nash, she was working on Reno 911, and I said, ‘we going over there, and I’m going to bust all the windows, out of all 8 of his cars..’

Sherri was about to set it OFF on Katt! According to Sherri, she and her BFF Niecy rolled over to Williams’ place to wreck shop on his whips but her legs gave out. Only Sherri would have this problem. Sherri quipped:

We’re about to climb over the gated community fence and we were about to tear up his fence. So we got there, but here’s the problem with trying to climb over gated-community walls, they are too high! You can’t climb over gated community walls, I think I got arthritis in my knee! I tried to jump over the wall, it didn’t work so Niecy and I decided to go back and get drinks.

What happened when Sherri confronted Williams about standing her up? Watch the funny outcome below

Katt knows good and well he told Sherri he was going to fly her out.


How You Doin’?! Sherri Shepherd Jokes About Divorce & Dating Rumors On ‘Wendy’

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