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Last week Dwyane Wade went buck defending his wife against disrespectful fans, now it’s Gabrielle Union’s turn to have her hubby’s back. Last night, former NBA player Charles Barkely gave his thoughts on Gabby’s man snagging a spot on this year’s All-Star team. The Miami Heat star will make his 11th consecutive trip to the All-Star game on Feb. 15 in New York. Barkley, who is a basketball analyst on TNT’s Inside the NBA, told his colleagues Ernie Johnson,  Kenny Smith, and Wade’s former teammate Shaquille O’Neal that D-Wade doesn’t deserve to be playing in the game.

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Barkley stated:

Dwyane Wade shouldn’t have made the All-Star team. He is a Hall of Famer, but he didn’t deserve to be an All-Star this year. [Chris]Bosh has been the best player for Miami this year. Brandon Knight in Milwaukee, Brandon Jennings in Detroit or Kyle Korver in Atlanta should have been rewarded for having good seasons. This might be the only time Knight, Jennings or Korver have a chance to make the All-Star team. I always give the edge to guys who are winning. Dwyane Wade is not having an All-Star year.

Somehow, word got back to Gabrielle on what Sir Charles said, and she was quick to stick up for her man. The Being Mary Jane star fired back on Twitter saying:

Don’t hurt ’em Gabby! Well, things didn’t stop there at least for Barkley. The retired pro heard all about Gabrielle’s comeback and wasn’t here for what she had to say. Barley retorted:

Well listen, first of all never mention you and Meryl Streep in the same sentence again. Meryl Streep would never be on Snakes On A Plane or Madea.

Dang Chuck, you had to go there!? While Smith explained to Barkley, Gabrielle was a good actress and not in Snakes On A Plane, the “round mound of rebound” wasn’t hearing any of it and continued on. Barkley remarked:

Well she could have been. I’ve seen her act, she could have been on Snakes On A Plane or Madea. She’s taking shots at me. She’s pretty, she’s very pretty. I’m not one of them people who’s going to turn the other cheek. You say something bad about me, I’m going to say something about you.

And that’s how he sees it kids! So far Gabby or Dwyane have yet to respond. We know Dwyane don’t play those games when it comes to his wife. Last week he was fined $15,000 for shooting the bird to fans who hurled insults to him about Gabrielle while playing against the Charlotte Hornets. Watch the entire segments below



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