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It all started when I received a large package before the holiday vacation. The messenger delivered it and I responded, “I didn’t order no damn Christmas tree.” Inside the massive box was a Nelly body pillow (see it here). Chile, my inner Nelly fan came roaring out. After ogling his goodies, I noticed a blue card from BET. Ah ha. It was promo for his reality show “Nellyville.”

Good ish.

I left Nelly at work since I have a man at home, who probably wouldn’t appreciate sleeping beside a shirtless Nelly. During my pillow-less commute back home that night, I told my bestie (whose loved Nelly since he used to decorate his cheek with black tape) about the amazing gift and she told me how great the show is. Oh really?

I caught a marathon of “Nellyville” a few days after. I immediately fell in love! Not only is Nelly like super hot, he’s such a great role model for men on TV. The “Country Grammar” rapper is raising his own children and took in his sister’s kids after she passed away from leukemia. He isn’t only a family man, he’s a damn good man to his new girlfriend Shantel Jackson (she used to date Floyd Mayweather).

Nelly is a stern father to his daughter Chanelle (Nana), son Cornell III (Tre), nephew Lil’ Shawn (Tab) and niece Sydney (Stink). I remember bubble-snot crying during the episode where he took Tab and Stink to visit their mother’s grave — a situation that proved to be equally as difficult for him. On another show, Tab and Tre took Nelly’s really, really expensive car for a joy ride. Nelly was waiting for them on the front steps when they returned. He calmly schooled the boys about how dangerous it was.

Nelly’s relationship with Shantel is also inspiring. They actually seem like they’re together (take that rumors). At one point she gets a tattoo to cover the ink she got to symbolize her ex. You hear that ladies? You don’t have to stay with that jerk you’re with because there’s a Nelly out there waiting for you! As a bonding session, Shantel took Nana and Stink to a twerk class. While Nelly was totally against it, it’s one of Nana’s favorite moments on the show.

“Nellyville” portrays Black men in such a positive light. Nelly really steps up to the plate for his family and it’s a joy to watch. And “Nellyville” isn’t all about Nelly, you get to know and love the entire clan down to Leo (Shantel’s guard dog).

I was skeptical about “Nellyville” at first, but it turned out to be an amazing show. Can’t wait for season 2!

Watch a sneak peek below:

Catch the clan on BET tonight at 9P/8C when they relive some of the best moments of “Nellyville.”


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