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August Alsina was involved in a backstage fight over the weekend after taking part in a concert to promote non-violence. Yes, the irony isn’t lost on us. Alsina was slated to perform at the State of Emergency 2 concert in St. Louis on Saturday, where he and a promoter for the show got into an altercation. According to BallerAlert, Alsina and the promoter Loose Cannon Slim’s beef all started because Alsina had to perform prior than he was initially scheduled to. It seems, Alsina was to take the stage after Migos but went on earlier because the group missed their flight. As a part of Alsina’s set, he was to sing live with a band and was ordered at the last minute. Here’s where things start to get crazy. Alsina was allegedly stalling his performance for two hours, causing the show the go off schedule.

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Migos finally showed up to perform but Alsina wasn’t amused by Loose Cannon’s actions and accused him of trying to make him open for Migos. The two along with Alisna’s security start exchanging words resulting in Slim throwing a punch. Alsina’s then snatched up by his entourage to prevent the fight from taking place, but chaos still ensues. TMZ captured the fight going down. Watch as Fabolous pops out to witness the melee below.

Today, Loose commented about the altercation on Instagram where he claims he was left without any bruises.

Hahaha yall got me fucked up.. After all that not a scratch on me!! Plus I got right up finished the show, went to 2 afterparties while he stayed trapped in his dressing until the police escorted his ass out!!! Lmao that Nicca left with the janitors!! It’s sum mo shit that happen but u won’t get no news from me!!#Slimlikehimselfwaytoomuchtoindicthimself


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