Flex rants on Life + Times & Jay Z

Flex is known for dropping bombs on folks but he may have stuck his foot in his mouth on this one. Last night, Flex lashed out on Jay Z‘s website Life + Times and even Jay Z himself.

Rant starts at the 10 minute mark.

Flex claims a writer from Life + Times interviewed him a few years ago about his DJ FunkFlex app and stole his ideas to use them for Jay Z’s Samsung app. Really?

Flex helped launch Jay Z’s career when he started playing “Can’t Knock The Hustle” on Hot97 in the 90s.

Sure, it’s his website but does Jay Z oversee the editorial board and their day to day decisions? Probably not. Especially when he’s been jet-setting with Beyonce the last few months.

Will Jay Z respond to this rant? Yes. Not publicly but he’ll definitely be in touch with Flex.

As usual, Flex went too far with this rant.

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