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Pull up a seat Barbs, this one is going to get deep. 

We don’t know much about Nicki Minaj’s relationship with Safaree Samuels, except that it ended abruptly and fueled much of the content on her new album “The Pinkprint.” Songs like “Bed Of Lies” detail a relationship consisting of infidelities, lies and disrespectful behavior. While Nicki kept her relationship a secret for years, she was more open about their breakup. She even shed tears during her interview with Angie Martinez. Obviously, they were in love. After more than a decade, who wouldn’t be?

Shortly after Nicki and SB’s breakup, Nicki allegedly began dating Meek Mill and Safaree spotted on a date with some random chick. But fans (and other nosy folks) want to know what happened between the couple. What ultimately caused the dynamic duo to severe ties in such an ugly manner?

After feeling betrayed by Nicki, who dragged him on social media agreeing with people who called him “corny” and talentless, SB decided to tell his side of the breakup. Now we all know there are always three sides to every story, so we’re pretty sure his confessions are probably filled with fluff and stuff. And he’s a man, so who knows what he is hiding or lying about…

But here’s what he had to say about their demise on “The Breakfast Club” this morning.

Why he’s coming out with everything now…

It got to the point when I was being treated like an employee instead of her man.

Was he bothered by Nicki kissing other men, etc?

I definitely feel like there was some stuff that didn’t have to be done.

“I never planned on talking about nothing, I never was going to but to publicly try to pull me down, that’s just where I’m like now you’re getting ridiculous”

Does she write her own rhymes?

“When you try to pull me down and discredit what I’ve done for you. That’s what weak to me. Don’t say I don’t have no talent because every time it came to writing raps and writing music, it was me her and the beat. She doesn’t do it by herself. It’s me and her…Everybody gets help and there’s nothing wrong with getting help. He added, I’m not saying I’m the originator all I’m saying is this is something me and her did together.

Did he cheat on her?

I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, I will admit that but what the girl is saying there’s no truth to that. The girl that they said I was messing with, she had to call up the radio station and say he was there but that didn’t happen.

Is cheating what caused their breakup?

“Our problem isn’t really about cheating it’s just about outgrowing each other and she may feel like I don’t respect her and I may feel like she doesn’t respect me.

What changed the relationship?

I don’t think it was money and I don’t think it was fame. I think when you’re that big of a brand, it’s like you’re a walking, breathing, living corporation, so it’s like you always have to be on. So it was the to the point where if we go out, I can’t even hold your hand. I can’t put my arm around you. I’m an affectionate dude like I like to have my arm around my chick. I want to be outside & be like I’m with my chick. I don’t want to have to be walking like a couple steps behind you or away of you. And acting like you ain’t my girl. After a while you put a strain on somebody.

Does he still love her?

Of course I do. I’m not up here saying I don’t love her or I hate her. That’s my soul mate, we just can’t be together.

How is their family handling it?

She just hit my mother up on Friday. I still speak to her mother, I’m never ever going to come sideways or disrespect her mother. She wants us to come to respectable terms. If you go back and look, you don’t see my do anything publicly to play her. That’s like me all of a sudden going out to work with Lil Kim.

Is she dating Meek Mill to make him jealous?

That’s a good situation for somebody. Anyone who gets to deal with her that’s a come up for them. I don’t look at her like she’s so big and so famous I need to have her in my life. I don’t care about that. You can be the president of the world and you don’t respect me and it’s to the I’m not going to put up with it anymore. I’m not saying I’m the victim and she’s the abuser. There’s stuff that she didn’t like the way I may have handled myself in the privacy of our own home. It’s just the whole trying to pull me down publicly — I just can’t deal with that.

Did he ever think about killing himself?

I definitely have been in places where I feel like I don’t want to be here anymore. I think everybody’s felt like that before. It’s not an easy thing to deal with. Now I’m happy I’m at the point I can see it and not be bothered. Before, it was hard for me to be in the car and listen to the radio or I’m looking on Instagram and see memes — that used to get to me.

Why he’s not revealing anything scandalous about her

We have over a decade of personal moments that if I wanted to be a corn ball and do some sheisty malicious I could do that. I would never do nothing like that.

Why didn’t they get married?

It would have been public information.

On Nicki dating Meek

He don’t own me nothing. He ain’t a childhood friend I grew up with.

Is he dating someone else?

That’s my friend. A very nice friend of mine. I’m not trying to rush into a new relationship. I need to know myself right now because I lost myself. I’m trying to build myself back up. I’m getting used to being around people again. We would go places and it would really be how the president move. We couldn’t do nothing and do it normal. I remember one time we tried to go out to eat and we sitting there eating and some random girl come and sit next to me.

Is Nicki Minaj fake?

Nah. I wouldn’t say fake. I don’t know if she’s just acting emotional. I just think it doesn’t make any sense to try to pull me down.

Oh. We’re expecting Nicki to respond in 3…2…1…

What do you think about SB’s side of the story. Should he and Nicki get back together? Tweet me and let me know your thoughts @Shamika_Sanders.


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