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Four women in Boston have reported inappropriate behavior and touching while riding in gypsy taxis (acting as identifiable services like Uber) and one of the women has accused an actual Uber driver of rape. Three of those incidents occurred this past Sunday, and the Uber episode was on December 6. Boston police are said to be on the search for the cars and drivers involved, yet based on the evidence provided, three of the cases may have all been connected, considering the women contacted the police within a two-hour span of each other.

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According to local news, the first incident took place around 1 a.m. on Sunday morning. A woman was picked up at Dorchester Avenue and Columbia Road, by what she thought was a legit ride-sharing service. Her filed report states that immediately upon seating in the passenger’s seat, the driver offered her money and touched her inappropriately. She later received a text from the real car company and was able to safely escape the fake one.

The second fake ride-share picked up a passenger from Commonwealth Avenue. Again, the driver touched this woman in an aggressive manner and thankfully, she was able to get out after she had asked him to drop her off the nearest exit.

In the third episode, the assault went further. A female patron was picked up at Faneuil Hall to be taken to Dorchester. She had fallen asleep in the backseat (depending on where you in live, the ride could be a 30 minute drive), and she woke up to the driver fondling her.

The fourth occurrence took place on December 6, when an actual Uber car picked up a female passenger from Tremont Street. He told her payment was cash only and when he drove her to an ATM, he went further into a secluded area and proceeded to attack her in the backseat. That Uber driver, Alejandro Done, 46, was arraigned yesterday for rape, assault to rape, assault and battery.

Kaitlin Durkosh, an Uber spokesperson, has responded: “This is a despicable crime and our thoughts and prayers are with the victim during her recovery. Uber has been working closely with law enforcement and will continue to do everything we can to assist their investigation.”

The customer complaints for the popular livery service is getting deep, as accounts of misconduct have been making the rounds since November, and even in France, they are debating whether or not to ban its services all together. Come on Uber–get your life! These cab services are very effective in big cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and more because it gives us the ability to get around quickly without spending too much money or time even trying to hail a cab. It would be a shame to see them go because disgusting men are using the service as a means to sexually assault women.

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