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If you’re still unclear about why it’s not cool to dress up like another culture just for fun, Akilah Obviously is going to explain it one more time.

There hasn’t been a single holiday season lately when the general public has not had to collectively facepalm over someone’s tasteless costume. Whether it includes Blackface or pokes fun at a serious issue (like Ray Rice’s explosive domestic violence incident), someone always manages to make poor life choices in the name of some giggles. It seems like we have this same discussion every year from October to approximately January 2. Yet, somehow, learning does not seem to occur.

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So, Akilah has posted a video about why these types of things are a bad idea. Ok, first off, no one is fooled when you invite them to a “Pimps N’ Hoes Party” or a “Kung Fu Party” or an “Authentic Fiesta,” where you encourage your friends to dress up for the occasion.

And while she was on the subject, Akilah obviously did a quick breakdown of gentrification and why it’s never okay for someone to have their Black friend excuse the ridiculousness of ethnocentric theme parties.

Generally, this topic comes shrouded in serious tones and frustration, but maybe injecting a little humor into the conversation may do more to further understanding about this issue.


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