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This new, extended video shows what Samaria Rice reported a month ago, the police forced her 14-year-old daughter to the ground and handcuffed her.

In a news conference on December 8, Samaria Rice released new details the day surrounding the shooting death of her 12-year-old son, Tamir Rice by a police officer. Rice claims when her 14-year-old daughter rushed to her younger brother’s side when she discovered he was shot, police officers tackled and handcuffed her and put her in the back of a squad car with the young rookie officer who shot Tamir. Rice also revealed when she arrived at the park and saw her son shot and daughter in handcuffs, she was told by police officers she too would be placed in the police car as well. According to Rice:

I asked the police to let my daughter go and they wouldn’t at that time and I asked them, ‘What’s going on?’ But they wasn’t telling me anything, just saying, ‘Calm down, calm down. I knew she was crying for me but I couldn’t see her hands.

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Rice said a two boys from the playground where she son was killed, raced to her house to notify her that a police officer had shot Tamir. On Nov. 22, Officer Timothy Loehmann shot and killed Tamir outside of the Cudell Recreation Center in Cleveland. 911 was notified of Tamir playing with a pellet gun, after a witness contacted the dispatcher, claiming although the gun was “probably fake,” Tamir was scaring people with it.

Surveillance footage revealed moments after Officer Frank Garmback and Loehmann arrived on the scene, Loehmann shoots Tamir seconds after confronting him over the gun. Both officers are currently on paid administrative leave. The Rice family has filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the  City of Cleveland, Loehman and Garmback claming battery, assault and the use of excessive force.

Officers then stood around Tamir as he lay wounded. One officer had his hands on his hips when a man, identified by police as an FBI agent who was in the neighborhood, entered the frame and administered first aid. It was the first medical care the boy received in the four minutes that followed the shooting.


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