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Joe Scarborough has had enough of people speaking out in defense of Michael Brown, and you’ll never believe how he reached his tipping point.

The MSNBC host of “Morning Joe” spent nearly 20 minutes going off about how he could no longer hold his tongue about the tragedy in Ferguson where then-officer Darren Wilson gunned down the unarmed teen.

For months, he’s kept his opinion to himself about how he doesn’t think that people should look at Michael like he’s some hero or a martyr for the Black community. But not today!

Joe was quiet when people all over the nation staged die-ins and when they rioted in the streets of Ferguson. He had nothing to say when people marched for Michael Brown or when the governor declared a state of emergency. There were nothing but crickets from Joe and his friends as Black people tried to explain their frustration with the criminal justice system in this country. You didn’t hear a peep out of Joe when the verdict was announced that Darren had essentially gotten away with murder because he would not be indicted for shooting an unarmed teen. Joe was even tight-lipped when a pregnant woman lost an eye during demonstrations last month and when a young man was found dead in his car near the site of the protests in Ferguson.

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Up until Sunday, you would have been hard-pressed to get Joe’s opinion on how people are expressing their hurt and anger at the entire miscarriage of justice that has been Michael’s death and Darren’s free pass from prosecution. Oh, but mess with his football, and you will be hearing Joe’s mouth!

Members of the St. Louis Rams walking onto the field with their hands up as a form of silent protest in support of the murdered teen is what finally sent ol’ Joe over the edge. Because how dare they have an opinion about things that affect other young Black men. The nerve! How dare they delay Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders, which they won 52-0. That was just the final straw for him! And he was going to let every last one of his viewers know it.

For nearly 20 minutes, Joe waxed entitled over the whole Ferguson situation and referred to Michael as a thug several times.

What you might also notice in the clip above is the astounding lack of Black commentators during this roundup. The only Black person invited into the conversation (via satellite) was one Army veteran Wes Moore , who had to explain why Darren was wrong and why people are not happy with the verdict that the Ferguson grand jury handed down. He only got to speak for about two minutes.

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The only woman on the panel brought some logic into the conversation by explaining that not everyone sees Michael as a hero. Meanwhile another panelist tried to get Joe to see the bigger picture by pointing out other problems in how Ferguson police immediately handled Michael’s shooting. That’s the important thing to remember here: it’s not just the fact that the teen was shot, his body was left lying the street for hours after he was gunned down.

BTW, Michael is not a hero, but he has become a crucial highlight in the public’s examination of police brutality. That is the point that Joe was missing.

After shutting down both of the panelists that disagreed with his argument, Joe insisted that 95 percent of all Americans agree with his thoughts on Ferguson. Unfortunately that math doesn’t even pan out on-camera. With five people appearing during this segment, only he and one other guy were of the same mind on this matter. If that’s any indication of how this conversation is playing out in the rest of the U.S., then only about 40 percent of people would be siding with Joe.


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