Tracy Morgan May Never Be The Same

Tracy Morgan is reportedly struggling to get back to himself after a terrible highway accident that left one dead and Morgan with a serious brain injury. Morgan and friends were on their way back from a show in Delaware when their limo van was rammed by a Walmart truck on the New jersey turnpike. Tracy’s injuries also included  a broken leg, nose and ribs.

“He’s fighting to get better, and if there’s a chance for him to be back to the Tracy Morgan he once was, he’s going to try to do that,” Morgan’s lawyer, Benedict Morelli said. “But we just don’t know because of the severity of the injuries that he sustained and the fact that he had such a severe brain injury.”

He added, “When you have a traumatic brain injury it takes a very long time to find out how you’re going to do and how much you’re going to recover.”

Morgan is currently suing Walmart.

“You just don’t know. So that’s where he is. He’s still fighting and trying to live his life at the same time and trying to get better, and he’s just not better. We’re hoping and praying to get him back to where he was. But the jury’s out,” Morelli said.

We’re praying for his recovery.

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