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Sigh. So much for their just recently declared stance on solidarity.

After the shocking and unbelievable announcement that the Ku Klux Klan was accepting people of color and gays into their cult, they’ve quickly gone back on their new-found kumbaya. The Klan is reportedly threatening to reprimand Ferguson “terrorists” disguised as protestors with “lethal force” because of the passionate and aggressive reactions to the death of Michael Brown via flyers that have been circulating in the area. So now protestors are the real enemy in light of the Ferguson police department’s very publicized brutality and violent casualties? #JesusPLEASETakeTheWheel

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As news came out that the KKK had, again, taken it upon themselves to be on “neighborhood watch,” Frank Ancona, who leads the Klan in Missouri, appeared on MSNBC to discuss it, saying that Ferguson protestors have “awakened the sleeping giant.” When asked what the reasoning was behind their latest mission, Ancona responded, “No, actually it’s addressing the people who are making these terroristic threats and letting them know that the people of Missouri have rights too.” He went on to add, “There are remedies under the law. The flier, if you read it, it says ‘defend’, it talks about defense. So, in order to defend yourself, that means you’re being attacked.”

Looks like the KKK is still allowing their delusion to make decisions for them. Bye Felicia.

Check out their flier making the rounds in Missouri below:


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