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OMG! We totally hoped this would happen, considering Alfonso Ribeiro’s stellar performances on “Dancing With the Stars” every week: The Banks family reunited! Ribeiro’s on-screen siblings Karyn Parsons (Hilary Banks) and Tatyana Ali (Ashley Banks) showed up to support him on his journey on the show and they even brought Joseph Marcell, who played the Banks family’s beloved British butler and voice of reason, Geoffrey.

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Ribeiro told Us Weekly it was “really cool” to have his longtime friends there to watch him perform Monday night. “Joe’s [in] all the way from England,” he told Us Weekly. “Just having [all of] them here was wonderful. They’re family to me. They’ll always be family.” Ribeiro keeps in touch with most of his former TV family members. He told Us Weekly that he and Will Smith, the show’s main character, talk all the time. “We all have such love for each other. Will actually rapped a birthday wish to [my wife] while we were all in Trinidad at Carnival for her birthday! He flew into Trinidad and hung out with us and we had a party and he got up and did a birthday rap for her. That’s the kind of stuff we do for each other and it’s just love — and that love is forever.”

Yes they all still get together, but don’t get your hopes up for a televised reunion. Ribeiro says, “I don’t think it would happen simply because we’ve lost James [Avery]. When James passed, he was the heart and the center of the show. I believe, for us, it was something we enjoyed in the past and we’ll let it stay there.”

Ribeiro, who played the dancing, but mostly stick-in-the-mud Carlton Banks has been killing the competition on the dancing show. He is one of five of the last contestants and his stance shocks him. But it shouldn’t. Have you seen him perform yet? Check him out in action:


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