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The stereotype that all Black men are just sperm donors was heavily refuted last night on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” when Omarion genuinely (and anxiously) awaited the arrival of his baby boy with girlfriend Apryl Jones. “My son is on the way,” he said flashing a cheeky grin. O held Apryl’s hand through the birthing process, looking in her eyes and comforting her while she suffered through intense contractions. “I’ve never loved her more than I love her at this moment,” he said in the confessional. Tears. “We’re going to meet little man today,” they said in between kisses. And when it was time for the home birth, O hopped in the inflatable pool, in their bedroom, where Apryl would eventually push their baby and patiently waited for the arrival of their son.

I immediately turned to my man, with water welling in my eyes, and asked “Would you hold me down like Omarion?” He laughed and nodded. Recently, the New York Post published a story that called Black men “scrubs.” And, in a nutshell, if Black women wanted to advance in life, they should consider dating outside of their race. As if Black men are inferior. While VH1 isn’t particularly known for positive content and Omarion and Apryl’s joyous moment was nestled in between ratchet fights and behavior from wanna-be somebodies — it does prove that all Black men aren’t the scum of the earth.

Furthermore, Omarion is doing a stellar job at capitalizing off his reality TV moment in a number of  ways. If he wasn’t on your radar before, last night established him as the man you’d hope you one day marry or the man you pray your son grows up to be. (Any dude who will get in a pool with your placenta is worth keeping). To further gain from his “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” fame, he released a single “Post To Be,” featuring Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown today.

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