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Iggy Azalea might want to stop buying her pants two to a pack because she just busted some seams during a private performance over the weekend.

You wanna know what’s not fancy? Splitting your pants in front of a crowd. With as much as T.I. talks about being the King of the South, we’re going to need him to throw some more money into Iggy’s wardrobe budget.

The rapper was doing a set at a bar mitzvah in Los Angeles–most likely for someone with ridiculously deep pockets and maybe a few favors to call in–when she went into in a spirited rendition of “Booty.” We couldn’t make this up, beauties.

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Young Iggith got so caught up in the rapture of the song that she began flinging her behind from one side of the stage to the other. Undoubtedly, she thought she was giving the people too much on the stage…and she was right for all of the wrong reasons. What started as a tiny tear in the crotch of her pants soon turned into a gaping hole!

One would think that the rapper would have felt some wind whistling between her cheeks and stopped, but not Iggy. No, she climbed further up onto the stage only to kneel down and continue bouncing around.

Oh, Iggy. Girl…you’re making too much money for these shenanigans. Do better, please.

As embarrassing as this was, it still was not as awful as those cringeworthy performances she turned in “SNL” last month.


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