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Celebrities aren’t always chauffeured from party to party; many of them actually love to drive their own vehicles. Sevyn Streeter is one such celebrity. We caught up with the 28-year-old singer/songwriter as she prepares to release her new single “Don’t Kill The Fun,” and discovered that she has a natural obsession with her car. From her in-car must-haves to her favorite destinations and road trip playlists, come along for an infusion of Celebrity Carfessionals to learn things you’d never guess about Sevyn:

Sevyn’s in-car must-haves:

I need my charger, my cell phone and my navigation. I get lost. I have the worst sense of direction in life. I need an extra pair of heels. I never know what my day will turn into so I also have a pair of sneakers. I have a whole wardrobe change in my car. I keep my laptop in my car because I always have sessions. And on top of all of that I need my makeup because at any given moment I may have to switch up with a red lip and be on my way.

Sevyn’s favorite destinations:

I love driving to the studio. I love driving to the movies…by myself. I love driving to Napa, even though I only did it one time. I love road trips. I love driving to the beach. I definitely do that a lot especially living in Cali, I’ll drive there and stare at the waves and get all emotional. I love being at the park. And I love driving to the mall.

Sevyn’s road trip playlist:

On my road trip, I like to listen to my friends yap their mouths. That’s what a road trip is all about, you just talk about random stuff. We went on our road trip to Napa and we listened to Anita Baker all the way there and all the way back. I love listening to my mixes from my sessions. The real test is if you’re driving home listening to it and you still love it.

Sevyn’s turn up musts: 

For cuttin’ loose, I need my Juicy J, I need my 2Chainz, my Piles…I need all of that!

 Yes to cuttin’ loose. Music gets us motivated for just about anything. We know you beauties can relate. Comment below and share your quirky carfessionals.

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