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We recently told you about Kanye dumping girlfriend Amber Rose because she cheated on him with Cassidy–Amber denied it.  Well now it looks as though Cassidy is confirming the rumor.

Kanye dumps cheating Amber Rose.

According to ybf.com, Cassidy recently recorded a remix of Beyonce’s “Ego,” and it sounds like he’s talking about stealing Amber away from Kanye.

Here’s his lyrics:

“I f*cked ya girl on D-low, cause I’m that nigga and I got a bigger ego. For free yo, I let her climb on the tree yo. now she with me yo, so adios amigo. No you ain’t big as me yo. So when I hit , she said my d*ck too big, fat, wide, and thick. What I was born with is enormous, when I try to fit, she holler like ‘you got a big ego, AGH SHIT!’ And that’s why she on my d*ck, cause I got a huge ego, I’m a hero. I save the day, it’s L-O-V-E yo, she never felt that way ’till she started f**g with me yo. I took her from you like D-bo, ’cause your ass always had her going to bed mad like Ne-Yo”.”


Check out Amber as she strolls the streets of NYC below:

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