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When I first decided to transition to natural hair, a friend referred me to YouTube for hair care tips. It was one of the best things I could’ve done because I was totally lost. That was six years ago. Go on YouTube now and you’ll be swept away in the sea of natural hair videos, that will have you more confused about what to do with your hair than you thought possible. Not everyone who gets behind the camera to share has the slightest clue about what they are talking about.

So if you’re in that place in your hair journey were you are looking for some reliable information to save your hair, here are the top 10 natural hair videos that are a great place to start to keep those tresses in tact. Just click on the video title to watch!

1. Hair Growth & Maintenance by Kimmaytube. This video goes through some basics on hair growth and maintenance with a cool visual diagram that makes it simple and easy to understand.

2. Nightly Routine in 60 seconds by Gorgeous In Grey. Kinda biased, but it’s really a great quick video to watch and the perfect nightly routine to adopt!

3. The Hunt for Definition by 4CHairChicks. Are you obsessed with defining your curls? Are you frustrated because you don’t have curls to define? You are not alone. Watch this video and really reflect on embracing your hair as it is.

4. How to Wash Natural Hair by Taren Guy featuring stylist Jennifer Rose. This video right here. THIS VIDEO RIGHT HERE. If you are wondering what exactly you are supposed to do on wash day, how to streamline the process and save time, this video is for you. This technique is also recommended by Felicia Leatherwood in her workshop, and its the technique I use faithfully. Jennifer drops a few other tidbits during this video as well.

5. Big Chop Maintenace by Taren Guy featuring stylist Jennifer Rose. If you are considering transitioning or doing the Big Chop, Jennifer Rose and Taren discuss the options for you based on your lifestyle and hair care needs.

6. How to Pineapple Natural Hair by NaturallyGlamTV (that’s me!). I often get asked how I maintain my hair at night so that I don’t have to reset my hair by re-twisting each night. This is easy to do, even if your hair is not as long as mine is.

7. How to Two Strand Twist by EtcBlogMag. Two-strand twists and twist-outs are probably the most common natural hair style next to the wash n go. But I know there are plenty out there who aren’t sure how to do them, or how to achieve optimal results. Yolanda walks you through it along with some tips on how to ensure it turns out great when you take the twists down.

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