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It didn’t take a lot for T.I. to get Snoop Dogg to apologize for the way he went in on Iggy Azalea earlier this month.

It was a nasty online battle when Snoop posted a joke about Iggy online and she fired back with a much weaker strike, using his recent foray into Whiteface. The iconic rapper was not about to let Iggy have the last meme, so he went all the way in on her.

Instead of going shot-for-shot with Snoop, Iggy sat back as T.I. came to her defense behind the scenes and got his fellow lyricist to apologize to the female rapper. A lot of people assume that T.I. might have gotten tough with Snoop during their private chat, but T.I. told “Dish Nation” that their exchange was pretty tame. “It wasn’t a stiff conversation that had to be had,” said Tip. “It was just me reaching out to a long-time respected associate and a long-time partner.”

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Appealing to Snoop’s more mature side was all it really took for Snoop to take back the mean things he said about Iggy on social media. “As soon as I reached out to him, he knew what I was talking about,” T.I. explained. “He took it upon himself—out of the goodness of his heart—to kind of say sorry.”

Iggy was clearly no match for Snoop, so T.I. had to save her from his wrath. It’s really too bad she couldn’t find a way to speak up for herself.


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