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Believe it or not, soulful singers Anthony Hamilton and Jhene Aiko have a few things in common. Both of them have the kind of voices that stick to your rub. Soulful enough to stir you, but light enough to digest on some of your favorite tracks. We dare not to dance to Hamilton’s instant classic with the voluptuous vocalist Jill Scott. Oh and I haven’t stopped playing Aiko’s first EP Sail Out even though she’s got a new album out, Souled Out, that is equally as mellow, emotional and revealing. Matter of fact, these two should consider working together. The way that they’re both able to sing about love’s sorrow and triumph is a skill that most singers would sell their souls for.

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Hamilton’s love life has always been kept pretty private. We know that he married singer/songwriter Tarsha Hamilton and the two have a two-year-old and a set of four-year-old twins. However…by the sounds of something he told us about his “next wife” in a recent chat with him, it looks like Hamilton may be making moves out of his relationship? Whatever his relationship status is, it’s not being speculated upon the way Aiko’s is.

The beautiful chanteuse has been linked with two rappers who she’s worked with musically–Drake and Childish Gambino. She told Hot97 in an interview that her relationship with both rappers was strictly business, even though she loves them both. “Loving people is different than being in love with them. It’s easy for me to love a person because loving is understanding them. Understanding means you’re just taking the time to get to know them and listen to their stories and accept them. It’s easy to just be like, ‘I love you. I love who you are.’ But to really say, ‘I’m in love with you’ is different,” she explained.

So of course when we got the chance to catch up with these two music-makers, we just had to get all up in their relationship business. We found out some pretty juicy details on who they’re looking for in a relationship, which celebrity they fantasize over and what music they put on when it’s time to get in between the sheets with their boo.

HelloBeautiful: What is the best song to make love to?

Jhene Aiko: I believe in not having the music on and let the music be the two people and the love making sounds.

Anthony Hamilton: Sometimes I don’t even like music. I like to hear the woman breathing. I like to hear what she’s actually experiencing. I like the sound that lovemaking makes. I like the smack. I like all that stuff. That’s what turns me on. If the music is on, it can’t be too loud because I don’t want anyone else’s words in my moment.

HB: Do you have a fantasy celebrity threesome?

JA: Whoa. Fantasy celebrity threesome…because I love Posh, Victoria Beckham. I’ll say Victoria Beckham and David Beckham.

AH: I’d be in it three times cause I know how to please me. I know what I like to eat. I know what I like to wear and I know what I like to watch.

HB: Your top three qualities in a mate?

JA: Great sense of humor, extremely considerate and smells great. Always.

AH: My next wife, I’ll be looking for, I like trustworthy, loyalty and overall just beauty. What’s beautiful to me is confidence, style, elegance, mild temperament–those things that bring peace to the household.

HB: What breaks your trust in a relationship?

JA: As soon as someone goes through my phone or my email or computer, then I know that you are just crazy and probably hiding something yourself, so that makes me not trust you.

AH: When you lie…when you’re dishonest and when you’re unavailable to stand your truth.

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