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Meeting the President of The United States is a pretty big deal, but we totally understand how one could disappointed if they originally thought we were going to meet Beyonce.

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In the cutest video we’ve seen this morning, when President Obama and the FLOTUS made a surprise visit to the Inspired Teaching School in Washington, D.C. to help volunteers pack schoolbags with books and toys for homeless children, one young student volunteer, Madison, who was standing next to the President, woefully admitted, “I really wanted it to be Beyonce.” Fortunately, Obama took it in stride and said his daughters, Sasha and Malia, would feel the same way. “It is a disappointment,” said the FLOTUS as the other helpers laughed. “I’d rather see Beyonce.”

Madison quickly tried to make up for her over honesty, adding: “But, then I realized it was going to be you, and that’s even better!

We feel Madison on this one. President Obama is great and everything, but if we thought for an inkling of a second that King Bey was going to glide in and help us pack bags, we would have totally reacted the same way. Check out the adorably cute video above.

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