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Tahiry Speaks Out About Being Attacked

When will the violence against women end?

Earlier this week, “Love & Hip Hop” star Tahiry Jose was violently attacked by male production manager–Carlos Gonzalez –at an event for Toure at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. According to reports, Gonzalez allegedly had it out for the reality star from the beginning and treated her and her team in a disrespectful manner when they arrived to the venue. Things grew physical when Tahiry responded to his vulgar comments.  That’s when a source says Gonzalez “blacked out.”

The YBF reports, Gonzalez “repeatedly struck Tahiry while trying to drag her hair. It took 7-8 men to pull him off her.” Tahiry was treated at Lenox Hill hospital and confirmed the attack on Instagram. She posted this photo on Instagram with this caption:

Thank you ALL for your well wishes. I am both appreciative and grateful to have you on my team and call you #teamtahiry! I am sincerely touched by your outpouring of love.

As you may or may not know, on Monday, Sept. 8, I was attacked, assaulted and violated, while in the workplace, by a man. I was beaten because I am woman with a voice and refuse to be disrespected. It is more proof that the violence against women is real and needs to be addressed publicly. The shaming and disrespecting of women/victims of violent abuses must stop. Violence against women must stop; a women’s voice and refusal to be disrespected is not grounds for physical abuse. #iamwoman #myvoicematters

More to the point, I am home, healing and surrounded by love.

Rest assured, I will continue all my efforts and endeavors with the same faith, determination, passion and spirit I have always possessed.

Again, thank you! You are ALL heroes of mine!

Love, Tahiry

Between the Ray Rice controversy and now this, it’s becoming more and more apparent that society is more accepting of violence against women.

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