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VH1 has blessed me with an early birthday present–the first episode of their highly anticipated spin-off series “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.” Not since the debut of Stevie and Joseline, have I been this excited about a VH1 production. Most of my enthusiasm can be attributed to the reemergence of Omarion and Fizz–two members of the group B2K. If there’s anything you need to know about me, it’s that I ab-solutely love B2K. Watching “LHHH” took me back to my teenage years, when my friends and I would stand in the mosh-pit for hours, praying for a chance to win tickets to “TRL.” In addition, I have a guilty please for reality TV and ratchetness. In case I haven’t made it clear, “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” is the trifecta and I am in la la land.

“LHHH” premieres Monday, September 15, but if you log on to VH1, you can find the first episode on their homepage. (Thanks Teairra Mari for telling me about it!). I literally lost my sh*t when I pressed play.

If you aren’t a die-hard B2k fan like me, I’ve listed 5 reasons why “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” should be on your DVR list.

 5. Yung Berg Is The Jerk I Thought He’d Be

Ever since Yung Berg made that horrific comment about “dark butts,” I’ve written him off as a jerk and it looks like he’s above to prove me right. The “Sexy Can I” rapper and producer wasn’t really featured on the first episode, but by the looks of the super trailer, he’s the Stevie J out of the group. Ya know, he has a loyal woman by his side but prefers to mess with groupies and industry hoes. Berg may have some charming eye balls, but he’s proving himself to be the typical misogynistic b-lister.

4. Soulja Boy Might Not Be So Bad After All

Did you know Soulja Boy is dating Teddy Riley’s daughter Nia Riley? Neither did we! Apparently the duo have been dating on-and-off for almost 10 years. We know…wasn’t he with Diamond? During one of their many breaks, Nia conceived a child which is one of the issues they’re dealing with in their relationship. Soulja Boy actually seems like a stand-up guy though and is willing to live with Nia and her daughter. That isn’t their only problem, Soulja Boy has friends on the side.

Let’s see if he can keep it in his pants…

3. Fizz Is A Stand Up Father

It isn’t often that you hear about a celebrity father taking full custody of their child while the mother is free to run the streets and get her life together. Former B2K member Fizz put his career on hold to raise his son and has little respect for his baby’s mother—-Moniece Slaughter–which seems to be a natural reaction to her lackluster parenting skills. During the season, we’ll watch Fizz balance fatherhood and his rap career while exploring a relationship his love interest Amanda Secor. How will Moniece feel about Fizz and Amanda getting serious? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

2. Omarion Proves Their Can be True Love In Hollywood

There is a common perception of industry men–they’re all dogs and they all cheat! Well, Omarion may just be the exception to that rule…at least we hope. He and his girlfriend Apryl Jones are expecting their first child. Unlike other story lines, there isn’t a side chick waiting to jump out from under the table when Apryl isn’t looking. Their relationship is secure, however O’s mother Leslie–that’s another story– doesn’t like Apryl for the same reasons Momma Dee didn’t like any of Scrappy’s ladies or why Jim Jones’ mother hated Chrissy…they just do. I am definitely paying close attention to their love story and how it plays out.

1. Ray J & Teairra Mari Are Off The Chain

When I first found out Ray J and Teairra Mari dated, I thought to myself hmm…what an interesting couple. Ray J is a ladies man and Mari is a firecracker–I thought their dynamic would balance each other out. After watching their first few scenes together, I realized my assumptions were completely wrong. While it’s overtly clear that Teairra loves Ray (she has his name tattooed on her side), her aggressive attitude proved to contribute to their decline. And it didn’t help that Ray J moved another woman–Princess Love–in their space while Teairra’s stuff was still inside the house. Leave it up to Ray J to dump a chick and yank every one of her heart-strings in the process. Teairra demanded her stuff be returned, but when Ray alluded to his new girlfriend throwing it away…Teairra had one solution–cut her a check! It seemed simple until Tearria Mari and Princess crossed paths and fists were thrown over yeast infection cream.

Ray and Teairra’s storyline seems like it’s going to be the most entertaining to watch.

Watch the full episode:

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