VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” Brawl In The Streets

If you’ve ever watched VH1’s reality show “Black Ink Crew,” you know just how dramatic the cast can be (guess that’s just the atmosphere of the tattoo shop). Between Dutchess and Ceasar’s tumultuous relationship and Puma’s baby momma drama, it’s like a poor man’s soap opera. Well, things got really out of hand this weekend when a brawl broke out between the cast in the NYC streets landing one person in the hospital. Apparently Dutchess was jumped by Puma’s wife Quanni and some of her friends.

Footage of the brawl shows Ceasar fighting and security putting another man in a choke hold. Dutchess posted this clip of the altercation on Instagram, with the caption:

“Thanks @gdott for pulling them wack b*tches off me and @quazedot @milkman115 thanks for holding y’all N*gga down. #luv men lie women lie but if u was there u know the truth everybody else speculate but they started it by jumping us and it got ended they just couldn’t do it check how my man decked pumas boy dubb! He jumps in after his bitch cause she couldn’t do no harm to me. Smh #weakasscouple #thatsThewholeTeam and I never even met the bitch she fighting for Quani smh and dubb I won’t even go in on how u be acting mad Dixie #teampuma #ink124″

A longer video of the fight has been removed from Youtube. Is fame getting to their heads? And what’s up with everyone putting their hands on each in response to conflicts? Speaking of…

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