Disgraced former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice is opening up about the aftermath surrounding his brutal assault against his then fiancée Janay. The three-time Pro Bowl running back spoke with the Baltimore Sun recently where he confessed when video of his attack on Janay was released to the public, he thought about killing himself.  It was one year ago, […]

Ray Rice is hoping to convince teams he deserves another chance after his domestic abuse incident with wife Janay Rice last year.

Janay Rice was only too thrilled to ring 2015 on Wednesday night because it meant she could close the book on a tough round of months. After getting into a domestic incident with her husband, Ray Rice, in Atlantic City and sweeping it under the rug only to have the aftermath dragged out in the […]

Legendary R&B group Jodeci has returned after a 18-year hiatus. The popular 90’s group reunited at the 2014 Soul Train awards belting out their classic hits and slipped a new song in to fans. Now, Jodeci has finally debuted the new track, “Nobody Wins” featuring rapper B.o.B tackling domestic violence. The group released a lyric video […]

More ABC News Videos | ABC World News More footage from the night of Ray and Janay Rice‘s elevator altercation has surfaced, and it seems the couple made up rather quickly after all was said and done. Despite the severity of the situation that they found themselves after Ray knocked Janay out in an Atlantic […]

Janay Rice appeared on the “Today” show with her mother Candy Palmer to finally open up about what her life is like after everyone in the world witnessed her abuse at the hands of her then-boyfriend (and now-husband), NFL baller, Ray Rice on Valentine’s Day of all days. “Having so much of your life made public […]

Ray and Janay Rice are welcoming cameras into their home for the first time since their domestic violence scandal went public. Janay got fancy for her chat with “Today Show” anchor Matt Lauer this week as NBC cameras set up shop for an interview to air on the morning news staple. It’s not clear what […]

We definitely saw this coming. The level of insensitivity that people have goes off the charts during Halloween. It seems that most are trying to aim for costume with offensive pop culture references to ruffle the feathers of many, as one snap of a photograph transcends them into a viral rabbit hole. This could certainly […]

Ray Rice’s Wife Releases Statement Yesterday, TMZ released jarring visuals of Ray Rice knocking his then fiance unconscious in the elevator of an Atlantic City hotel before dragging her into the hallway like a rag doll. The disturbing footage sparked outrage in the news and ultimately led to Rice being suspended indefinitely. Rice was shunned […]

Twitter had a real discussion about the various reasons victims stay in abusive relationships and how they finally find the strength to leave. When the topic of domestic violence comes up, people are often quick to blame the victim if they are still with their abuser. That’s exactly what happened all over social media on […]

Ray Rice is doing what it takes to make sure he never hits his wife again, but is that enough to satisfy the court of public opinion? “There’s many nights that my wife and I sleep together, and we still have to deal with this,” Ray said during a press conference earlier today. “Her pain […]