Waka Flocka Investigated Over Instagram Photo

When Tammy Rivera was being attacked by Joseline Hernandez at the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion special, one important person was missing from the equation–Waka Flocka. The “Hard In The Paint” rapper wasn’t there to protect Tammy or his mother Deb. While we think it was for the best (the reunion would have really gotten out of hand), Waka and Tammy seem out for revenge.

Tammy posted a photo of Waka holding a gun with the caption “Daddy’s home now #MeetTheFlockas Loveandhiphopatl” – Tammy Rivera,” on her Instagram page and now Waka is allegedly being investigated by the Feds. The photo has since been removed.

According to reports, Waka would be in violation of his probation terms if he came in contact with a firearm. Hopefully the photo was old. Otherwise, Tammy is going to feel really stupid for posting the image.

In related news, VH1 released a teaser clip of Part 3 of the reunion special that is set to air this Monday. Did you know Benzino actually sucker punched Joseline?

Watch the clip, below:

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