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Celebrity Chef G. Garvin is not only one of the hunkiest men to ever throw down in the kitchen, he’s also one of the best cooks around. Garvin is best known for his TV One series “Turn Up The Heat With G. Garvin,” and his Cooking Channel programs “G. Garvin: The Road Tour,” and “Georgia Roadtrip With G. Garvin.” He’s a natural in the kitchen so of course when we caught up with him we had to get the tea on the best dish to cook to impress a man, the sexiest dish for the beginner cook and more.

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Garvin shares his love for cooking with the world by showing everyday cooks how to keep their dishes sophisticated-yet-simple, with a Southern twist. He proves that even the most basic cooking palate can create the most flavorful dishes. But how?! Check out the his advice:

HelloBeautiful: What is the go-to dish for the man or woman who can’t cook to impress their significant other?

Chef G. Garvin: Right now, what’s really hot in the industry is tacos, street tacos. Whether its ribeye tacos, duck tacos, fish tacos, turkey tacos, veggie tacos – street tacos are really what’s up right now.

HB: What ingredients should a cook always keep in the kitchen?

CGG: Good olive oil, good kosher or sea salt, fresh herbs, fresh garlic, pastas are always an emergency saver. And in my refrigerator, there’s always brie.

HB: Do you have a dish you recommend to those who are afraid of cooking?

CGG: Salmon is a great dish for the novice cook. You can cook it from medium rare to well and it’s usually good. It won’t break apart easily. Salmon is always a good safe starter.

HB: What are your favorite places to go for food when you travel the US?

CGG: My favorites include: Nobu in New York,  Oyster House in Philly, The One Sushi + in Atlanta and RivaBella in Cali.

HB: What’s next for you?

CGG: I’ve recently launched “G. Garvin Live” and that is a culmination of my life through food and music – two of the most important things to me. It entails a DJ, stories and conversations who I am and my journey. It’s usually 6-7 courses, fun, food and entertainment. The food line is probably the most important thing that I’m working on right now aside u TV. It includes gourmet nuts, cookies, the oils, the sea salts, vinegars.


We can’t wait to see more of him! In addition to being an acclaimed chef, author, host, he’s a philanthropist too. The chef recently partnered with Allstate Insurance Company for the Give It Up For Good campaign, an initiative that shines a spotlight on the remarkable stories of good that often go unnoticed and urges people to share the good in their communities. Basically, the Give It Up For Good campaign highlights unsung local heroes who dedicate themselves to enriching the lives of others.

Garvin exemplifies what it means to “Give it Up For Good” through his work with the One Bite Foundation, inspiring children in the culinary arts and addressing issues such as child obesity, domestic violence, homelessness and hunger. In addition to helping families in need through donations and food drives, Garvin also developed Chef G. Garvin’s Culinary Boot Camp, a unique mentoring program for youth and at-risk inner city young adults.

For more information on his foundations, food or to shop his products visit: ChefGarvin.com.


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