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Five days later and we’re still talking about the 2014 VMAs (guess that’s just what happens when Beyonce performs). During Bey’s stellar performance, fans noticed that one special boxer person was missing from the moment. Bey’s little sister and protector Solange was no where to be found even though we’re sure she was there because we saw her on the red carpet.

Since the infamous “Cartergate,” folks have been paying particular attention to Solange’s behavior and since she wasn’t seated beside her family–Jay, Blue and Kelly Rowland–if left much to speculation. It turns out Solange wasn’t in the VMA audience because she was backstage with her sister!

According to Hollywood Life,

“Solange hung out backstage with her sister in her dressing room. She saw everyone and was backstage at the bar and saw Nicki and Taylor.” And that little rumor about her leaving before bey’s performance: “She had to leave because she is busy finishing up her album. She was talking to everyone and she had a great time. She was there for a little bit.”

While that tidbit may silence some critics, there are others who are convinced that the Carter’s are just cleaning up the mess surrounding their marriage. They see Beyonce’s emotional breakdown on stage and Solange’s disappearing act as a sign that Jay and Bey are headed for divorce.

What do you think?

In related news, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj saw an uptick in sales following the VMAs.

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