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Music mogul Dame Dash has certainly matured since his days of pouring champagne on women in videos like “Big Pimpin’.” Dash, who rarely gives interviews, opened up to Hip Hop Motivation’s The Barber Walters about how he’s grown as a man and even apologized for his behavior during his younger years. During a time when there seems to be a war waged against women, we must say, we’re impressed.

“If my son ever did that, I’d be appalled. I’m there to tell him, disrespecting women ain’t it,” he said. “I wouldn’t want anyone doing that to my daughter, no one I cared about,” he added.

Dame briefly spoke about the effects his behavior had on pop-culture . “It’s not the most positive thing to make a man feel bad because he can’t make as much money as you. And that was our business model, embarrassing dudes. Making them feel bad because we had more money than them and our girls was better. We had better cars. It made people do it by any means–stab your friend in the back.”

Dame Dash once rolled with Jay Z, who too has turned his image around from a young lothario to a family man with world’s greatest entertainer as his wife. It seems like both the men learned from their mistakes and tried to set a better example for their family.

Good for you Dame!


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