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Nick Cannon stopped by #TeamBeautiful’s office to chat about love and relationships at the start of the summer, just a few short weeks ago. How interesting, considering he just recently confirmed that he and his wife,  Mariah Careyhave been separated.  “There is trouble in paradise,” the America’s Got Talent host exclusively revealed to The Insider With Yahoo on Thursday. “We have been living in separate houses for a few months.”

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So what does Cannon want in a woman, now that it looks like he might be single again? “I like a strong woman. I like somebody that knows what they want. Getting right to it, that makes a lot of sense for me, so I welcome that…or welcomed that,” he said, correcting himself when he realized that, woops he’s still technically married.

Cannon is known for being loose-lipped when it comes to his love life. In fact, it’s been said that’s what got him in trouble with Mariah in the first place! During an infamous interview with radio personality, Big Boy, Cannon confessed his roster of women he’s done the horizontal mambo with and rumor has it that Mariah wasn’t having it!

Nick told us that he believes in being friends with any woman he’s dated, first, “I’m a true believer that everything has to start out as a friendship first. Everybody that I was serious with, it always started with, ‘Yo, let’s just be cool’ and it ended up being something else.” However, that wasn’t the case with Mariah. They met on the set of Mariah’s video for “Bye Bye” and began a whirlwind romance. Could that be what went wrong? Cannon didn’t get a chance to build his friendship foundation with Mariah, so things were easier to fall apart? Hmm…one could only guess!

I have always been a huge fan of both Nick and Mariah, so when they announced their love in 2008, I was excited for the odd couple. It’s been six years of glitter, Disneyland, “Dem Babies” and ridiculous amounts of money being spent on lavish homes in NYC, Bahamas, Aspen, Bel Air and luxury Lamborghinis and now it’s all over…or so we think.

The couple are reported to have separated back in May and have been secretly working out a property settlement and custody agreement over their twins with their lawyers, according to TMZ. In all honesty, who knows what’s going on with Nick and Mariah. Their marriage may have what it takes to withstand our criticisms and speculations. Here’s hoping! What does Nick Cannon want? He says, “You want somebody that’s worth what you’re worth. If they can embrace you for all that you are, then that’s the one.”

Check out the video above to see what else Nick Cannon has to say about love.


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