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CLOSE’s “Base Level” column features the hottest new artists we’re buzzing about. Before they make it to the summit of superstardom, we spot them at base level–the beginning of their hopeful journey to the top.

With Remy Ma out of jail (and ferociously serving rap bars on every track she touches), Nicki Minaj holding down the number one spot and five “Sisterhood Of Hip Hop” hopefuls seizing the opportunity to be raps next hot chicks, the female rap game is more ablaze than it was when Lil Kim and Foxy Brown exchanged disses over verses back in the day.

Diamond, Siya, Bia, Nyemiah Supreme and Brianna Perry make up Oxygen’s “Sisterhood Of Hip Hop” cast. The ladies are out to show the world that there can be more than one mainstream femcee. And, with the premiere episode becoming the network’s highest-rated freshman series with over 811,000 total viewers, we think people are ready to listen!

I was given the opportunity to follow the ladies around NYC, as they embarked on a massive promotional tour, ending up at the HelloBeautiful office for a photo shoot that involved fierce smolders and pillows. We chatted about everything from Diamond’s former relationship with Scrappy and Soulja Boy to the female rappers, in the industry, who’ve showed their careers the most love.

Peep our convo, below:

HelloBeautiful: Why did you all choose this reality show versus any other that’s on TV?

Briana Perry: It’s a music show and we’re all artists. I think that’s the best for us, just showing ourselves as artists. All of us individually have different backgrounds and come from a different pasts. I feel like, in hip-hop, they’re always like, “there can only be one.” But, there are different sides. There are different voices that can all be heard through us and our story and it’s about the music.

Nyemiah Supreme: We wanted to showcase our music and we wanted the opportunity for more people to see us. It was a good choice for all of us.

Bia: This is a huge part of me coming out as an artist. I know I can speak for Diamond, who’s also rebirthing herself as an artist–we want to give people a better understanding of what we’re doing right now.

HB: Diamond, tell me more about the avenues you’re taking to rebirth your brand.

Diamond: Now, it’s just about focusing on the music. I have a live band now. I want everything to be on a bigger level. I had live instrumentation and I wanted me fans to be at my concerts and get that full experience of an evolved Diamond.

HB: Diamond, what are some of the things you want to dispel on this season?

Diamond: You’ll see the house I lived in with my ex. What I left… You get a chance to see my family and me speak from about it from a past perspective. I felt like if I would’ve been a part of another brand, they would’ve acted like it was something that was going on now. And, to learn from my mistakes–I really dimmed my light. I had a lot going on for myself and I chose to miss a lot of opportunities because of me living with someone and share my accomplishments because things are not going well for them. Learning how to tell people to learn from my mistakes and getting back to where I feel like I should’ve been if I didn’t miss so much opportunity and setting the record straight with Soulja Boy. We’re cool, we’re cordial. It’s not a relationship, so I wanted to make sure I wanted to bring him on the show to dead that and focus on being able to work together as artists. I’m glad I’m getting it over with. I used this platform because it’s not like this is where I am now, we’re going to talk about it because that’s what people want to hear and then we’re going to move on.

HB: Tell me a little bit about the famous co-signs you have and how it plays into your image as an artist?

Bria: I put in a lot of underground work. I didn’t put out a lot of original songs and videos like everyone else. I’m focused on my music at home and building a library and working with great people, like Pharrell and meeting people like T.I. They’re great mentors and they taught me that it’s not about just making a song. Just because you think it’s a good song doesn’t mean that everyone else is going to love that song. You’ve got to have different colors to your music. While everybody else was doing that, I was trying to figure out how I wanted to approach music.

HB: Siya, tell me a little about the dynamic between you and your girlfriend…

Siya: Having her on the show was a decision I made. Sometimes, while we were filming, I kind of hated myself for it. But, I wanted to show the world that it’s OK to represent stuff and not be afraid of it. Honestly, if I didn’t bring her on the show, it would definitely look like I was trying to get with all of them.

How do you all feel about the rap game and where you all stand.

Sia: The rap game sucks. I think it’s a great time right now for us, but as far as the industry, hip-hop ain’t the same. The industry isn’t the same. It’s different from the era I came up in. I’m a hip-hop head. Coming from an era where everybody was getting money, the deals were right. Now, it’s just this one female in the game who’s doing something, well one and a half. No shade. It’s like, come on, make some room. Or at least reach back and say, ‘I made it, let me go ahead and shout out these other chicks.’

Nyemiah Supreme: I think it is in a different state, and I do wish it was more than Nicki. But, I do think that the opportunities she’s getting, back then, those women were not getting those opportunities she’s getting right now. Her getting those gives us the same chance to get them too. When you get to that level and you get those hits and making yourself into a brand, I learn more from her. You can do all of that while you’re still making music.

Bia: Someone like me, I don’t care about anything else that’s going on. I’m so wrapped up in my own little world and making the dopest music I can. I think this is the time that we’re about to shake things up a little bit. Music evolves, so you have to evolve with it or get left behind.

Brianna: I love it right now. It’s about to change and we’re ready for it. So many new people are about to be introduced to us. Go back and listen to our music and out videos and it’s time for our voices to be heard. I’m excited and I’m ready. I know I’ve been working hard and the ladies have been working too. There’s no one type of female. Those other ladies, their stories need to be heard. It’s so many different stories.

Diamond: If you’re a student of the game, it’s always been more than one. You have to evolve with it. We’re the new faces. It’s cool to have the older heads to give us knowledge and wisdom. But, even Eve, when she came on the show, she was so positive and wasn’t afraid to open up about some past things she went through in her relationship or just being a female in the industry.

Brianna perry: That was one of my highlights, I love her.

Catch the girls of “Sisterhood Of Hip Hop” every Tuesday at 9pm on Oxygen!

BASE LEVEL: ‘Sisterhood Of Hip Hop’
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