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Sherri Shepherd claims her soon-to-be-ex-husband Lamar Sally robbed her blind before he left her!

The former “View” host has accused him of stealing $20,000 from their joint bank account, reports. Sources close to the warring spouses said Sherri had no clue Lamar took such a huge amount of cash out until she saw a bank statement. Does it count as “stealing” if he took it from the account they shared, though?

Anyway, seeing how much money had been taken, Sherri reportedly realized that this could bolster her case in their split. She’s trying to paint him as a  money-hungry opportunist that wasn’t really in the marriage because he loved her.

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The TV personality might also use the surprise withdrawal in her bid to abdicate the maternal rights and responsibilities she has over their newborn son. The baby was born Tuesday just as Sherri was announcing that she’d be starring alongside Keke Palmer in “Cinderella” on Broadway. It’s not clear whether she’s seen the child yet, but Lamar reportedly hasn’t heard from her since the baby’s delivery.

Sherri stated in her divorce filing that she believes Lamar defrauded her when he convinced her to sign a surrogacy agreement. She’s sure that he’d been planning to leave her the whole time, and he was using the baby to secure child support in their divorce.

Someone from Lamar’s camp claims that Sherri wasn’t blindsided by the withdrawal, and Lamar didn’t take the money out of greed, either. Supposedly, he’s used the cash to cover baby-related expenses like his trips to Pennsylvania to check on the surrogate.

No matter what Sherri and Lamar’s personal differences, it’s really a shame that a baby is caught in the middle of this nasty divorce.


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