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Chris Brown’s got a new house in Agoura, near the Malibu border and his neighbors are already not happy with him moving into their neighborhood. TMZ found out that Breezy moved deep into the San Fernando Valley and one of his new neighbors said that he would use deadly force if Brown steps onto his property. “It can be the devil.  I can care less.  I don’t care if they’re having orgies. It can even be Saddam Hussein for all I care, as long as he doesn’t trespass onto my property.  If he does, I shoot him.” Seriously sir?

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Now, we’re all pretty much up to speed with most of what makes Chris Brown the kind of guy you shouldn’t take home to your mother, however, no one deserves to die because they’ve bought a new home and have a reputation of a party boy. Yes, Brown loves to host huge parties, but what young, rich Hollywood hottie doesn’t?

In a post-Trayvon Martin/Renisha McBride world, the value of human life has decreased. No one deserves to die for being who they are. Trayvon just wanted to go to the store. Renisha just needed help after a car accident. Both teens are dead because two White men thought their lives meant nothing.

We’ve become desensitized and people are throwing around the use of deadly force as an option in any type of situation and that’s not ok. I understand where Chris’ new neighbor is coming from–he wants to make sure the value of his property doesn’t go down and with all the riff raff that Chris usually keeps around, the neighbor is also implying that his safety is important to him. However, to claim that you’re willing to take a young man’s life if he steps onto your property is overkill, no pun intended.

Maybe the rich non-celebs in Hollywood need to think twice about where they’re buying property. Stay out of Hollywood hotspots and focus more on tucked away locations? Chris’ old pad was always the subject of conversation, especially as far as his neighbors were concerned. He was always throwing lavish, loud and endless parties and painting “monster” graffiti all over his walls, which he eventually covered up so he could sell the home.

However, none of Chris’ bad neighbor habits should cost him his life. We’ve got to do more as a people to bring back our humanity. What’s going on in the world?


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