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UPDATE 7/27/2014:

New information has come out proving that the #WeStillComing meme is not at all what it appears to be.

On the surface, it looked like a bunch of guys photo bombed a happy couple in their wedding photos. DeadlineDetroit.com, however, reports that the situation was actually the exact opposite! The bride, groom and their wedding party crashed the set of a rap video.

Photographer Adam Sparkes explained on Facebook that the newlyweds were looking for spot to snap some shots before their reception, and they decided that Michigan Central Station was an ideal backdrop. When they got there, they found the location was already being used to shoot a music video. ““They had a tricked out Monte Carlo and a Cutlass and were in full music video mode,” Adam said.

Although Adam initially had them shooting in a different spot at the location, the music group eventually invited them over. “I asked the groom if he wanted to be famous, and jokingly we yelled, ‘Hey we’re going to be in your video!’ The guys were all laughing and told us to come on over, so we did,” Adam recalled.

“Detroit is an eclectic, diverse place, and a scene where a group of hip-hop kids and a mostly white bridal party [are] yucking it up isn’t that surprising to me at all,” Adam said in conclusion. “Detroit is always full of surprises.”

One of the surprises must be how quickly the hoax caught on with all types of different news outlets!

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ORIGINAL 7/25/2014

A Detroit bride had a few more guests than she anticipated after sending a text message to the wrong number.

Always check your contacts before sending out a mass text–especially if you’re using it to invite people to your wedding. People.com reports that a woman named Kristen made the hilarious mistake of inviting a total stranger to her big day/bbq.

One of the recipients was a bit confused by the mass message, and rightfully so! The bride had sent the text to the wrong number. She rescinded the invitation, but it was already too late because the mystery guest was an anticipating a good time.

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It didn’t matter to the wedding crashers that the invite wasn’t necessarily meant for them. One of them even replied with, “We still coming.”

And they did! While it’s not clear which of the young men had sent the original reply, he was rolling deep to the wedding! He didn’t just come with one or two friends. Oh no! Him and seven of his homies came out to celebrate the nuptials and jumped in the wedding photos.

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As thoroughly entertaining as this has been for the Internet (we’re expecting a flood of memes any day now), there are only two ways to deal with wedding crashers.

Brides magazines that you just let the uninvited guests stick around for the festivities if you know them. Sometimes people forget to send their RSVPs and show up anyway. In this case, it would be awesome luck, if you were having a buffet style reception. If not, it’s not sweat for you, anyway. Caterers only plan for certain number of plates according to head count you provide, but many do prepare extra food (enough to cover five or 10 percent more guests) just in case.

If you don’t know the wedding crashers (and don’t want them there), Brides suggests that you find your biggest, toughest guests and have them escort the strangers out of your celebration. If the wedding crasher happens to be Serena Williams, though, you may to just roll with it.


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