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There’s an incredibly entertaining new approach to finding that special someone, but it’s still got a few kinks.

Who needs or Tinder, when you can just hold an audition? Jessie Kahnweiler is tired of being single, so she decided to hold a casting call for a new boyfriend!

She asked them all of the really important questions…or at least the ones that mattered to her. She wanted to know if the guys that showed up had male-pattern baldness, and she wondered who their dream girls were. One thing she should have asked is whether they were single because the guy that won the role of her man was already engaged!


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If I was going to hold an audition for the perfect man, here are a few things a prospective beau would need to get the part:


We learned from Jessie’s mistake! Nothing could be worse than finally finding the right guy only to find out that he’s already taken.


Whether your friends or something more, respect is key in any relationship. It holds you accountable for your behavior because you hold the other person in high regard.


You should be able to trust someone that you’re in a relationship with. No one likes a liar.

Sense Of Humor

A girl’s got to laugh! He doesn’t need to crack jokes all the time, but having a good sense of humor makes for great conversation because you just “get” each other.


A physical connection is perhaps the most defining difference between being friends or lovers. That special tingle you get whenever your boo touches you (and the touching itself) is a perk.


He doesn’t need to be Lance Gross, but he should at least be cute to you. Similarly, he should be attracted to you, too!


We understand that the struggle is very real, but your significant other shouldn’t have to depend on you to make ends meet. Being self-sufficient means you responsible enough to get along on your own, so you don’t need a hand out. That’s sexy!

Would you hold an audition to find a new boo? What would be your criteria? 


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