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Jasmin Grady, 20, was killed in a fatal car crash on July 13 near Wilmington, North Carolina. The tragic accident rocked the world of her friends and family. The North Carolina A&T student was partially ejected from the Hyundai Accent car, that her best friend Alencia Wilson was driving, on Highway 17. According to reports, the car ran off the road and flipped. She died at the scene.

Jasmin was a loyal fan of the rapper Drake. She would superimpose herself in photos with the artist and dreamed of meeting him before her untimely passing. In an attempt to honor Jasmine’s dream, her twin brother Kenneth launched the social initiative #DrakeSingForJasmin on Twitter with hopes of garnering enough attention to get Drake to sing at Jasmin’s funeral. It wasn’t long before the hashtag became the number one trending topic on Twitter worldwide.

Several outlets have picked up the story, including Russ Par who mentioned it on his radio show and comedian Kevin Hart, who tweeted:

Jasmin’s story isn’t the first of its kind–a young girl dies unexpectedly and her family is left to pick up the pieces–what differentiates this tragedy from others, is her brother’s unwavering determination to fulfill his sister’s wish using social media.

Drake, who recently visited a cancer patient, Kennedy Brown, after the social movement #DrakeForKen went viral, has yet to respond, but we have a feeling he will soon! He’s just a nice guy like that…


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