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Gabrielle Union is speaking out against social media bullies that think rape is something to laugh about.

When 16-year-old Jada found out that pictures of her sexual assault had been posted online, she never would have imagined that her personal tragedy would be turned into a joke.

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The Think Like A Man Too star has seen the memes, and she’s had enough. Fed up with all the jollies at Jada’s expense, she took a moment to hold the teen up as an example of how not victims can reclaim their power and dignity.

“Rape is never funny. Ever. This brave young woman is what a real life superhero looks like… Someone who stands up and acts when injustice occurs,” Gabrielle wrote in a post supporting Jada on Instagram. “She’s just a child and she’s using her voice for good, even in the face of her own personal horror… My hero #IStandWithJada.”

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Rape is a very sensitive issue for Gabrielle, who was a victim of sexual assault herself in college.

The hashtag she used in her post about Jada is simply one more effort to show that not everyone is cackling about the teen’s horrifying experience. Her supporters on Instagram have also started the hashtag #IAmJada to show their solidarity with her.


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