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Who doesn’t love Black love!? We do and we celebrate it with our “Put A Ring On It” series. Each week, we’ll feature YOUR engagement and wedding stories, romantic photos and even tips that’ll help other Beauties out on their big day.  Check back each week for a new installment!

This week, we spoke with Rachelle and Krzystof about finding love and how to pull of an unconventional marriage proposal.


Upon entering a dark lit room filled with dancing and people mingling with one another, I recall looking up and meeting eyes with Krzystof from across the dance floor and, as we locked eyes and held each other’s gaze, I knew this event would be life-changing. Although we didn’t talk to each other once throughout the night, there was a strong attraction and pull towards one another, which may have been sensed by my friend who decided to present Krzystof with my number unbeknown to me. I remember being anxious when I received an anonymous text the following night, but as time progressed and we continued having deep conversations late into the mornings for several months, things began to evolve as our love began to take shape. I first fell in love with his intellect and his calm, mysterious nature. It wasn’t until after several months of courting one another that he asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted.  Throughout the past five years I have fell in love repeatedly with the same man as we’ve journeyed through life together. Dating each other has been full of adventures and travels. We support one another and have learned to be each other’s confidant. The greatest gift I was granted was Krzystof as not only my fiancé, but also my best friend and my better half.

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We didn’t have a traditional engagement proposal and are not planning a traditional wedding. We mutually decided to have a destination wedding in Jamaica on the beach and set the date for June 17th, 2014. This occurred when Krzystof and I saw a picture of a wedding gazebo on the beach located near where we were planning a vacation in the country. As a result, we discussed the pros and cons of the spontaneous decision and decided to go through with the destination wedding. The spontaneous, mutual agreement was shocking for both of us and, it still hasn’t hit us that we’re getting married. It most likely won’t until the actual event takes place. Krzystof has also mentioned that he plans on surprising me with a more traditional proposal in the future. As of now, our attention is fixated on arranging the wedding. After very little planning, buying a dress and suit and coordinating with the Jamaican resort, we have everything finalized and I am extremely excited to begin this long-lasting, life-long romantic affair with the love of my life. I truly can’t imagine my life without Krzystof and can’t wait to start this new chapter as “Mr.” and “Mrs.”

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